a comprehensive guide to being a millennial poet girl

I’ve decided to start a blog. Mainly as a resting site for all the poetry I’m writing and have written. I hope it finds someone out there, if not then that’s okay too. Kind of comes with the territory so I won’t get too beat down by the lack of footfall this blog will inevitably receive.

Let me bore you with some stuff:

I love poetry. I think it has more to offer than it currently does, and it’s unfortunate contemporary state of relative dormancy is probably because of the kind of stuff forced down our resistant throats in secondary school, which doesn’t necessarily pave the way for great opinions of poetry as a concept. I don’t know about you, but if I never had to read another lyrical ballad by a dead white guy then, well, I think I’d be pretty okay with that.

I want it to matter. It’s a sad Piscean style head-in-the-clouds kind of dream but it means a lot to me and to actually state such a dream (even to this blog that probably no one will read) is a scary thing.

Anyway enjoy the words I’ve strung together that make subjectively attractive mouth noise.


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