Found Poem (from the notes in my phone)


Thought I’d do something different for today’s post.

I started noticing that I write down a lot of really weird stuff in the notes section of my phone.  Some of it is useless and others seem kind of accidentally poetic so I thought I would just write them all out and see what it looks like. Doing writing exercises like this can prove to be pretty useful for the creative process, even if its just one line or one word that flicks the switch in your mind that allows you to unlock a new poem.

I think a lot of us live in our phones, and the notes of many peoples phones would probably be inherently revealing. If nothing else it’s an interesting bit of self analytics and a good way to remind you of all the shopping lists you have made in the last year.

Anyway, without further adieu, a glimpse into the world of my phone notes:

silver confetti of scales

alice’s humming

fill the boots with sand and lead



two shadows on wall of me

my teeth are ringing

dans le noir

probably a lying bitch though

you’re even more psycho than me

i tried writing 300 pages

viper in emblem of milan


i put a safety net down that hole two weeks ago

their bodies are worth more money


i want to ask you a question


T.S. Eliot 66.8

the george

mum said if you were romantic you would buy her champagne

tell us



thick bread

i guess in her morning rush

This is going to be a poem, I’m sorry

Bed sheets

Why are you breathing so heavily

Poem about love

Oxford street

30th of may

show her the well

Fucking hell has it already come?



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