I wrote things

I did it.

I wrote things. Things I had to write for my own sake, pulling my hair out wondering how I will juggle a full-time job and a dissertation. I’m relieved and I always feel pumped after writing, some sort of poetry adrenaline happens. The poems I’m putting on this post are completely raw and unedited poems, so bare with them slightly.

I just want to give a brief idea of the theme of my dissertation so that they sit in some context when you read them…

I always used to leave hand written notes on my parents’ pillows after arguments. Things I couldn’t say very well in the moment, being an emotional and ineloquent kid.

I am so painfully close to my parents that everything is more intense when things go wrong or our feelings don’t align, so it has always been my gateway into helping them understand where I am coming from.

Not only that, but it was my gateway into poetry itself. The thing that gave me a reason to write was patching things up with my parents, it’s a sweet story and so the collection is called ‘Pillow Sweets’.

So the collection is (hopefully) shaping up to be touching on those small consistently occurring moments where we shift our relationship with things; our parents and ourselves.


Click the link to view the PDF of the poems:

Pillow Sweets (draft)


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