self: a prose poem investigation


This ones for those of us who haven’t quite figured it all out yet.

Click the link below to be transported into the throws of my inner monologue.


Realised my poems have specific formatting and look awful when put into blog posts so I will probably resort to PDF links forever.

I read this one out at a poetry reading very recently, it’s pretty breathless and people laughed when I didn’t expect them to, I guess that’s the kink in transforming a poem from a written text to an oral one. I also realised when reading this (and having people laugh at it) that I am a really self deprecating poet at times. It’s an interesting dynamic, I think to write poetry about yourself (which you usually are even if you dress it up in some other costume) is a pretty self absorbed act. Maybe in some ways I was self consciously aware of the conceitedness at play and attempting to undercut it with quips saturated in self loathing on my inability to function as a fully fledged adult.



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