To my Niece


This is a bitesize poem for all those who are watching or have watched little girls growing up, and realise the great enormity of pressure to ensure that they don’t confuse being a woman with needing to explain themselves.

Click the PDF to view the poem:

bad words

There are so many things my nieces say that amaze me. scare me. amuse me. shock me.

Little girls are so important. They are future leaders, whether that be CEOs of companies or heads of their households. It doesn’t matter which one of many future selves they may become, they should be given the correct perspective tools to move around this world without the need to explain themselves in recognisable terms to others or even to themselves. Every one should be allowed access to their human right to understand who they are in this hectic landscape of modern society.

I hope that my nieces know how amazing their minds are. My nephews are cool too I guess but talking about boys just isn’t as commonly associated with feminism. Though it is equally as important. One of my nephews loves drama, and I hope he knows that he should follow that wherever it takes him without hesitation. Even if, like me, he drops it to one day become a poet, though both quests present us with nearly zero solid career prospects. My other nephew loves plumbing and goes on about pipes all the time, that’s cool too. You do you kids.



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